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The Law Office of Anne K. Howard is based in Torrington, Connecticut. Our office serves all of Connecticut and Central Massachusetts. Anne K. Howard has won the vast majority of her Social Security Disability/SSI appeals.  She will do everything within her power to win your case as quickly as possible.

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The number of individuals seeking disability benefits in this country is soaring. For this reason, it appears to be more difficult than ever for a truly disabled individual to win his or her claim for Social Security benefits. Most people are denied on their initial application and must wait another 12 to 18 months before attending a hearing before a Social Security judge. During that time, it’s extremely important that the claimant has competent legal representation in order to build a strong medical case to advocate at the hearing.

Our Focus

The Law Office of Anne K. Howard focuses only on Social Security law.  Anne Howard has over 15 years of legal experience. As a former attorney-advisor for the Social Security administration, Attorney Howard has detailed knowledge of the inner-workings of the system. Go to this link to see how many Social Security Disability/SSI cases have been approved by Social Security administrative law judges nationwide. The percentage of individuals denied disability benefits at Social Security hearings is convincing proof that a claimant should hire the best lawyer possible to fight for him or her. Not only do we fight for our clients, we have compassion for our clients and treat them with respect. Don’t be fooled by TV ads or big TV attorneys. We are local and we care.

Applying For Disability Benefits

If you’ve become disabled and unable to work, you may qualify for benefits from the Social Security Administration. Feel confident when you apply for disability benefits with Attorney Anne K. Howard. Our law firm has highly experienced lawyers who only deal with Social Security cases. – MORE

Social Security Disability Insurance Lawyers

Many people wonder if they really even need a Social Security Disability attorney to help them with their appeal.  The answer is yes, you definitely need an attorney to help you through this complicated and often very frustrating process. – MORE

Supplemental Security Income Attorneys

The Supplemental Security Income program or SSI awards disability benefits to certain individuals including people with disabilities who have limited income and assets. Unfortunately, since SSI is a means tested program the disabled person must be living under the poverty line in order to qualify for those SSI Disability benefits. – MORE

SSDI/SSI Appeals Lawyers

It’s very frustrating when you know you cannot work but the government still denies your case. The process to appeal can be long and tedious, but success is possible. The unfortunate reality is that most people who apply are initially denied.  The Law Office of Anne K. Howard has the experience needed to fight to have your claim reconsidered. – MORE

Our experienced attorneys can help you obtain benefits for any of the following disabilities:

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