Can I Obtain Assistance with Filling out Social Security Forms?

Medical Audit

Once a client retains my legal services they will frequently call the office and they will be confused about all the forms they are receiving from the Social Security Administration.  They don’t know how to fill the forms out.  They find the forms to be overly complicated.  Unfortunately some of these forms are not forms that we can fill out for you because they ask questions that are particularly only to your knowledge.  For example, Social Security will send you an activity of daily living forms.  Those forms will ask you what you do on a daily basis.  Do you clean the house?  Do you go for walks?  Are you bed ridden?  Are you capable of taking care of your own grooming, hygiene or cooking?    These are questions that only you can answer.

Likewise, Social Security may send you a symptoms report.  That is going to ask you all the symptoms and pain levels related to your medical condition.  Of course, we don’t know those subjective answers, only you know those answers.  Finally Social Security will send you work history reports which will ask for the places that you were employed in the last ten or fifteen years and again that is only something that you will know.  Now with that in mind, I can tell you that the best way to fill out these forms is to be as detailed and accurate as possible.  Keep in mind that the purpose of some of these activities of daily living and symptom forms is unfortunately to assist in Social Security denying your case.

For example if you fill out a activity of daily living form, which asks if you can do your household cleaning, and you simply check the box that says yes that could come back and hurt your claim at hearing.  The judge will write in his/her decision of denial that claimant alleges disabling back pain but she sent in a form last year that she does all of her household cleaning.  So when you fill out those forms don’t be too over general in your answer.  Instead what you need to do is specify whether or not you have good days and bad days or if you are capable of dusting or light house cleaning can you only do it for short periods of time.  It is not uncommon for my clients to say yes I can sweep the floor but it requires that I sit down every ten minutes and take a break and it will take me all morning to sweep my house.  So be very careful about how you fill out those forms and if you do need any assistance call our office and we can answer any questions that you may have.

This short informational blog post was provided by Anne Howard, an experienced Connecticut Social Security Disability Attorney. Please contact The Law Office of Rosenstein & Howard to set up a free initial consultation.