Social Security Disability based on Alzheimer’s Disease


If you have been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s then you will receive Social Security Disability Insurance benefits and/or supplemental security income provided you meet the financial guidelines of both programs.  This is because Alzheimer’s disease is obviously a very seriously disabling illness that prevents all work activity.  It is also a degenerative disease meaning it gets worse over time.  In the early stages of Alzheimer’s a person may simply have short term memory loss issues.  Over time that evolves into issues with recognizing people, places and can also affect a person’s ability to do daily functions such as walking and can lead to incontinence problems and lead to full time nursing care to be fed and dressed with the assistance of another.

If you have been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s you need to have a friend take you to the local office to apply for Social Security on the Compassionate Allowance list, what that will do is expedite your case.  They will likely find that your condition either meets the listing for Alzheimer’s, which is under the organic brain disorder listing, or they will request a narrative report from the doctor who has diagnosed your Alzheimer’s, that includes lab testing or whatever clinical lab testing that is required to confirm the diagnosis and the prognosis.  You should have no problem getting your benefits within a matter of weeks.

This short informational blog post was provided by Anne Howard, an experienced Connecticut Social Security Disability Lawyer.