Social Security Disability Claims Based on Diabetes in CT

shutterstock_154769528If you win a Social Security Disability case based on diabetes alone it is probably going to be because that condition is very severe.  It may have resulted in amputation of a limb or toes.  It may have resulted in severe kidney disease, diabetic retinopathy and/or neuropathy.  Most of my clients who win Social Security Disability cases have diabetes as one of several different impairments that contribute to overall disability.  There are three types of diabetes:  juvenile diabetes, type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes.  Most clients have type 2 diabetes and this can impose serious functional limitations that have a significant impact on their ability to work not just in terms of numbness of the legs and hands, they can also result in vision problems, highs and lows in blood sugar levels that affect performance.  What is most important in my diabetes cases is that the individual is complaint with diet and medications and even despite that compliance with their doctor’s orders they maintain a level of disability because of their diabetes and/or other impairments that prevent work activity.

This informational blog post was brought to you by Anne K. Howard, an experienced Connecticut Social Security Disability Attorney.

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