Social Security Disability Claims Based on Migraines in CT

shutterstock_209882938If a person has migraine headaches, it is going to be difficult to win a Social Security Disability case based solely on that impairment.  In order to win you are going to need to show that your migraine headaches result in such severe residuals including vomiting, nausea, and the need to lie down and be in a dark room for long periods of time and this need to be occurring on a weekly basis that would result in excessive absenteeism from the job.  Many people who do have migraines have migraines that last for hours or even days and put them out of commission and preclude all work activity.  In most cases; however, my clients who suffer migraines have that as one impairment in addition to many other impairments that prevent them from working on a regular sustained basis.  An important part of the migraine cases is to show that the person who suffers migraines is compliant with their doctor’s medications.  It is not uncommon for a doctor to prescribe either anti-depressants or anti-seizure medications for the migraine headaches and some of these medications can be very helpful in making the migraine go away or lessen in its severity.  The judge is going to look at not just whether or not your migraines are disabling but whether or not when you are compliant with the medications they would still preclude you from performing regular work activity.

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