Social Security Disability Claims Based on Sleep Apnea in CT

Meta Slider - HTML Overlay - mental issuesIf you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea and you are unable to work due to the related symptoms to sleep apnea you can receive Social Security Disability benefits.  Sleep apnea is a condition where your respiratory muscles stop moving in the night.  This can result in not being able to breathe for up to ten to thirty seconds at a time.  For people with very severe sleep apnea this can occur up to four hundred times a night.  Obviously to prove the severity of your condition to Social Security you are going to need sleep records from sleep lab studies showing the frequency and duration of your apnea attacks.  You also need to show that despite compliance with using CPAP or APAP machine that the condition is still so severe that it results in extreme fatigue and can also result in focus or concentration problems in your day-to-day work activity.  Most often I win cases where sleep apnea is a component of the overall disability claim so it is not unusual for a person who suffers obesity, a cardiac disease, or diabetes mellitus to also have sleep apnea.  We use the combination of the impairments to show overall this person would have difficulty sustaining regular work activity on a forty hour basis due to all of these things combined.

This informational blog post was brought to you by Anne K. Howard, an experienced Connecticut Social Security Disability Attorney.

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