Social Security Disability Insurance

Social Security Disability Insurance / SSDI

Many people wonder if they really even need a Social Security Disability attorney to help them with their appeal.  The answer is yes, you definitely need an attorney to help you through this complicated and often very frustrating process.  Now at the initial level of application you simply go to the local office and apply and give them your basic information.  At that early stage you really don’t need an attorney.  However, if you have been denied Social Security Disability benefits I urge you to hire a competent lawyer who focuses on Social Security Disability as early in the process as possible.

Social Security Disability

Too many people make the mistake of letting the claim die.  They think that they do not stand a chance if they got denied on the initial case.  Well in fact, only about a third of applicants in Connecticut win at the initial level.  Your best chance of winning Social Security Disability benefits is to be patient enough to get an attorney and stick with the process and wait until your case gets up to hearing level before a Social Security judge.  At that stage, in Connecticut, the grant rate is approximately forty to forty-five percent.  That means if you have a medically strong case and you have a good attorney who collects all the medical evidence, presents a good case at hearing, cross examining medical experts, cross examining the vocational expert and presents your case in terms of a legal argument to the judge you will have a much better chance of winning.  I do urge you to call our office today.  We will help you through the paperwork.  Often now things must be submitted electronically and my claimants are typically overwhelmed with that process.

You can no longer simply go to the local office or the judge’s office and submit medical records now there is an electronic e-server that the Social Security system has and you need a bar code that you need to put on top of all the evidence.  We need to either fax or scan it into the computer so it gets directly deposited into the Social Security e-server so for this reason as well it is wise to get an attorney so that on your day of hearing you know that all of the medical records have been updated and nothing is missing from your file.

At Rosenstein & Howard, we never charge a fee until we win your case and you collect. Contact one of our experienced Social Security Disability attorneys today.