Speeding up the Social Security case Process


There are generally two ways that we can speed up your request for hearing.  Once you file a request for hearing before a judge you have to wait between twelve and eighteen months before you actually sit before that judge and it goes without saying that a lot of my client earns a lot of financial stress during that prolonged waiting period.  I can fill out forms for you that request an expedited hearing based on dire financial need; however keep in mind, that most of my Social Security clients are experiencing dire financial need so the threshold is very high. The person who is alleging that they are so financially needy that they need a hearing right away usually has to show impending foreclosure, eviction or homelessness.  The homelessness can be shown by a letter from family members who state that they can no longer keep this person in their house or help them or especially by a letter from a local homeless shelter.

In addition, notes from creditors and medical providers that show you have large amounts of debts owing and that cannot pay maybe your electric or your heat.  These are all important factors in the judge’s assessing whether or not your financial situation is so extreme that it requires a hearing right away.  If you can show dire financial need you will have a hearing within one or two months.  The second way I can show a judge that your case has to be sped up is by passing your file to a senior attorney at the hearing office that works for the judge and asking that senior attorney to review your file for what is called an on-the-record determination, what that means is that the senior attorney can take a look at the medical evidence on file and determine that given your age and all of the factors in your file it is medically strong enough to warrant an immediate determination.

Senior attorneys are more likely to grant cases involving people over fifty or especially over fifty-five and if there are any questionable issues in your claim for example if you are a younger individual, your currently working or you have a history of substance abuse I can almost guarantee you that in cases like that you will not be able to get a senior attorney determination.  You are going to have to wait for a hearing but I want you to know I will do everything possible to expedite the processing of your claim and if it’s possible for to get a dire need hearing or a senior attorney granted benefits I will do that for you.

This short informational blog post was provided by Anne Howard, an experienced Connecticut Social Security Disability Lawyer. Please contact The Law Office of Rosenstein & Howard to set up a free initial consultation.