Time Frame to Make an SSD Decision


In most cases you will not know how the judge decides your case after a hearing on the day of the hearing.  Occasionally that judge might make a bench decision and agree on the record that you are disabled and you will know when you leave the courtroom that you are going to win your disability benefits; however, it usually takes about one to three months after your disability hearing for a written decision to be issued and at that time you will find out whether or not the judge is granting or denying your disability benefits.  If you have been granted disability benefits it generally takes between four and six weeks before you receive your first monthly installment.

Back pay, the lump sum award that covers your retroactive benefits that cover the months you have been waiting for Social Security Disability that can sometimes take four to six months to process.  That is because they are often offset issues with long-term disability, workers’ comp. or they may have garnishment issues with child support or back taxes.  In any case, you can pretty much expect it to take no more than six months for your back pay to be deposited directly into your checking account and your first monthly payment will be within four to six weeks following the judge’s written decision.  If after the hearing the local Social Security office send you any letters or phone calls requesting an in person consultation with you to ask you some questions about household bills or income I urge you to immediately respond to those calls or letters and give them the information that they request.  If you don’t it could delay the processing of your money.

This short informational blog post was provided by Anne Howard, an experienced Connecticut Social Security Disability Attorney. Please contact The Law Office of Rosenstein & Howard to set up a free initial consultation.