Social Security Disability Claims Based on Neck / Back Pain

Social Security Disability Claims Based on Neck / Back Pain

  • The best way to win these types of cases is to show that you have other physical or mental impairments that accompany the problems that contribute to an overall state of Disability
  • Most of the criteria requires that you show multiple failed back surgeries, positive straight leg raising tests, the requirement of an assisted device, or the option of surgery is impossible
  • It is unusual to have a Social Security Disability Case to get up to hearing level
  • These cases can be won by presenting orthopedic notes, physical therapy notes, chiropractic notes, MRIs, and x-Rays
  • There are other jobs that you can accomplish if you do not meet the back listing, you will not receive disability
  • In this type of situation, another Medical Impairment will be looked for on your record, in order to receive Disability

This short informational video was provided by Anne Howard, an Experienced  Connecticut Social Security Disability Attorney.